We already know 1001 options for women to not have a bun in the oven when they have a choice to, but it seems that men’s choices are still a bit limited. Indeed, the market for female contraception weighs billions of euros in Europe for 263 millions of women, but only represents a few pennies to take care of 252 millions of men (apart from the Holy-Graal Condom, of course). So I wonder… How could we have missed such a deal ?! Fortunately, the « pill crisis », which calls into question the impact of pills on women’s health, has made it possible to question this contraceptive model, which could evolve towards a more equal contraception, better shared between women and men.

Overview of contraceptive methods for penis owners

It seems complicated for men who don’t want to seed their embryos here and there to find a convenient solution. Condoms aren’t always reliable and vasectomy is usually supposed to be definitive, so it is a bummer if our famous protagonist, Romain, is in his twenties and plans to be a super-daddy in the future. 


Method 1: It’s gettin’ hot in here…

Did you know that above 37°C, testicules can’t produce spermatozoids? Well, the French professor Mieusset actually knew, and created a heated underwear, some sort of boxer, which pulls the testicles at the base of the penis, exactly like these Emo-style pants from the 2000s, and then raises their temperature, stopping the production of spermatozoids. You want your own? Well, be patient, they are going through clinical trials. 


Method 2: Lord of the Rings

« You shall not pass! » screamed the great endocrinologist Gandalf the White, using his special weapon called Andro-Switch against reluctant spermatozoids. Founded by Maxime Labrit, the purpose of the Andro-switch is also to use thermal contraception. But instead of a boxer, it is a cute lil’ silicon ring that creates a push-up effect on the testicules and keeps them super warm. You can buy your own « cockring » for 37 € on the Thoreme website.

Method 3: No one moves!

Our third method has a very sexy name: EP055. It consists in doing an injection that paralyzes spermatozoids which can no longer swim to the egg in a real Michael Phelps style. It is still in clinical trials, so… Not for today! 


What about the pill?

This concept is still hard to swallow among gentlemen – whereas birth control pills remain the most widely used contraceptive method for women in Europe. But if the pill isn’t quite ready yet, hormonal treatments do exist through daily testosterone injection! It costs approximately 10 € a week and you can get your baby-repulsive dose at your local pharmacy. 

« But it’s a woman business y’all…»

More than 90 % of couples who seek to limit births use modern contraceptives and yet it seems that women “should be” in full responsibility. Also, women use sterilization way more often than men (30 % vs 4 %) whereas women are fertile only a couple of days a month (vs all-the-god-damn-time for men). Not quite fair.

We know some men think that dealing with contraception is not quite manly, and that women may not trust men to deal with it, so they prefer taking a pill or have a piece of copper stick in their uterus. The debate is still very sterile, but some changes can be expected with better pedagogy and innovation. With contraception, men don’t grow a uterus and we don’t take on our shoulders the weight of a millennial struggle. Because change is a mix of education and innovation, let’s see what will happen in the next 10 years!


*inspired from a book by Rene Almeling GUYnecology: The Missing Science of Men’s Reproductive Health.